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Eugene Peterson is called by God to be instrumental in helping churches and nonprofit organizations embrace the great commission of Evangelism through outreach objectives and through community involvement.

Although he is an ordained Elder in within the Church of God In Christ, Eugene understands that All Denominations and All Believers are called to reach the lost, heal the hurting, provide for the poor, and to help those who cannot help themselves through the Love of Jesus Christ.  He deems this especially important in the perilous times that we are currently living in where the cares of the world are vehemently turning our children and communities away from the church.

Eugene’s testimony is what drives his passion for evangelism and reaching those who are lost, because his own life was saved from a downward spiral of drug addiction, crime, and homelessness through someone witnessing to him.  He is a true testament of how God can turn your life around, and the countless number of individuals who have come to Christ through his ministry is a testament of how important sharing your story and faith are.


As the Director of Outreach for Evangel Fellowship Church in Greensboro, NC which has grown to over 3000 members and 25 church plants under the leadership of Bishop Otis Lockett Sr, and now his son Superintendent Otis Lockett Jr, Eugene has served faithfully in executing numerous outreach events, heading the outreach department, and in implementing programs and strategies to retain new converts long term.   

Eugene is the former Program Director of the Malachi House, a 12-month Christ-centered residential program focused on men with life-controlling problems such as drugs and alcohol, where he served for 12 years. He is also the Founder of Urban Revival, an Outreach Ministry that is focused on impacting urban communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ with a message that is relevant and relatable, yet uncompromising, for today’s urban culture.


His hard work and dedication have earned him the appointment, by Bishop Stenneth Powell, to the position of President of the Evangelistic Department, where he serves over 90 churches.  The work that he has done with the Ministers and Pastors has really emphasized in his heart how much evangelism training and generalized encouragement is needed in the church when it comes to reaching people for Christ who may want God but not want Church, and building up members who feel ill-equipped to witness. 


With that in mind, he has developed this platform that allows him to partner with Pastors and Leaders to help them design effective evangelism plans for their church that best line up with their vision, their membership and resources, and the needs of their community. 

Comfortable in the streets working with the homeless and abused, to word-based teaching in the pulpit, Eugene is a man who loves God and who is dedicated to doing the work that he has been called to do with the full backing of Jesus Christ regardless of the environment.  His integrity, hard work ethic, practical and direct teaching, and ability to connect with individuals on a personal and spiritual level has made him a well sought after minister and speaker.  His life is balanced by his incredible family that loves and supports him and works alongside him for the glory of God.


Contact us today for your free 15-minute consultation with Eugene Peterson to establish how he can help your organization continue to grow. 



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