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  • Eugene Peterson Jr

Invest & Invite: A Method for Witnessing for Christ

We live in a world where Christianity is often mocked and shunned by so many. This is an environment where some believers may find it intimidating to engage in face-to-face witnessing. Well, you will be relieved to know that there is a multitude of methods that you can use to win souls to Christ.

One such method I call Investing and Inviting. This method is characterized by the believer using genuine acts of kindness in the hope of opening the hearts of non-believers to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For example, a Christian might invite a co-worker to lunch and pay for their meal, another may assist a classmate with their homework with a subject that the non-believer may struggle with, yet another may have gained a relationship with a neighborhood couple and offer to babysit for them so that they may enjoy a night out. Each case displays the believer investing in the life or interest of another. Having invested in the lives of these individuals with various acts of kindness, hopefully, they have built a rapport and have gained the non-believers' trust. Once they have developed a rapport or relationship they may be more confident and comfortable with Inviting them to Christ or to their local church.

Try this simple yet powerful method of Investing and Inviting and you may be amazed at how showing the love of Christ through random acts of kindness will open the hearts of non-believers to hear the Gospel. Let us know if this strategy for evangelism works for you.

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