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  • Eugene Peterson Jr

Where Do I Shine My Light

Our efforts to help ministries with Evangelism Training, and teaching believers effective methods for sharing their faith has led me to know that every Believer has a field that they should sow into.

I have often said that it is not hard for us to recognize where God is calling us to if we remember and reflect on where he has bought us from. Consider Moses. Moses was called to deliver the Hebrews out of Egypt, why? It was because he knew all there was to know about Egypt, so who better suited than Moses to go back and to deliver the people from bondage. What has God saved you from? Perhaps, it is the street life, chances are that is where your assignment and anointing is, due to the fact that you are better able to identify with that lifestyle. If you have been delivered from a lifestyle of homosexuality chances are God saved you to go back to and minister the saving grace of Jesus Christ to those that are still in that lifestyle.

I know a man that was saved by God from a life of addiction to alcohol and drugs. He was asked by his Pastor to serve in a Christian rehab that the Pastor founded. This man stated that he never felt more anointed than he did during his service in that ministry. He makes it clear that God did not put him into this addictive lifestyle, but allowed him to be there and then saved him from it because He knew that one day he would be ministering to men and helping men that are struggling with substance abuse. So when that familiar question will arises, "Where or to Whom has God called me?" Remember sometimes it's not hard to recognize what God has called us to if we simply remember where He has brought us from!

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